HBase Error – assignment of -ROOT- failure – Cant connect to web interface

A while back there was an issue with getting Hadoop and HBase from Cloudera (CDH3) running on Ubuntu Natty (11.04).

This error occurs when you try to go to http://localhost:60010 – it just sits there continually loading. You should be able to get to the region server/s without issue – http://localhost:60030

Looking at the log file revealed that HBase could not connect to the Root region:

To fix this the issue is probably  a problem with the hosts file (/etc/hosts). You need to remove entries relating to COMPNAME – just put a hash (#) in front of this line and then restart all hadoop and hbase services. You should now see that you can get to the HBase web UI on default port 60010. You should also see that you can get access to HBase via Hive and the Hue web interface if you are using it.

The other option if you cannot edit the hosts file is  to force HBase to use IPv4.

In conf/hadoop-env.sh add the following line:

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